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Cast and Crew of The Rat Patrol

Read an Interview with Larry Casey (2002) the actor who portrayed Pvt. Mark T. Hitchcock in The Rat Patrol.

Read an off site Interview with Gary Raymond (2000) who portrayed Sgt. Jack Moffitt in The Rat Patrol.

An Interview with John Peyser (2002), director of 10 first season episodes ofThe Rat Patrol - available from the Quartermaster Store.


You know these faces  . . .

Christopher George as Sergeant Sam Troy

Gary Raymond as Sergeant Jack Moffitt

Hans Gudegast as Hauptmann Hans Dietrich

Larry Casey as Private Mark T. Hitchcock

Justin Tarr as Private Tully Pettigrew*

*Ersatz Tullys
For a few episodes during the second season of the series, a replacement for Tully rounded out the four man patrol.
Here they are:

In Field of Death Raid

Darwin Joston played Peterson

In The Fatal Reunion Raid
and The Double Jeopardy Raid

Mac McLaughlin played Andy

 In the Tug of War Raid

Bo Hopkins played Bo Randall

The patrol's C.O.

Morgan Jones as Captain Boggs

See the many guests who appeared on the Rat Patrol

First Season Guests

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Second Season Guests


Here are some extra special faces you might recognise from the Rat Patrol.


Fans of Hogan's Heroes will recognise the face, but not the accent or uniform of British Major Bracken from the Violent Truce Raid.   In Hogan's Heroes, Howard Caine played Major Hochstetter of the Gestapo but he switched allegiances to the British for this one episode of The Rat Patrol

Some of the guests of The Rat Patrol appeared in more than one episode
- although often changing nationalities, 'sides', or military rank by the time they returned a second time.

Milton Selzer
Kill or Be Killed Raid


Milton Selzer appeared as a German colonel but later appeared as a local Arab.



Gale Garnett and Milton Selzer
Trial by Fire Raid

Albert Paulsen
Life Against Death Raid

Albert Paulsen appeared twice, each time as a crazed German - first time as a Colonel and the next a Major.

Jack Bannon & Albert Paulsen
Field of Death Raid

John Anderson
Last Harbor Raid

John Anderson went from playing  a Major to playing a General. Not bad advancement in the space of a single season, but he had to change nationalities to get it.

John Anderson
Pipeline to Disaster Raid

Ben Wright
Double or Nothing Raid

Ben Wright played a German Colonel in one episode then played a British Colonel in another.


Ben Wright
Fifth Wheel Raid

Robert Knapp
Exhibit 'A' Raid


Robert Knapp played a Captain in one episode and by the second season he had become a Major.

Robert Knapp
Touch and Go Raid

Michael Vandever
Two if by Sea Raid


Michael Vandever was seen in a couple of episodes but he jumped ship, so to speak, from the German Navy to the Afrika Korps.

Michael Vandever
Double or Nothing Raid

Manfred Lating
Kill at Koorlea Raid

This list wouldn't be complete without a glimpse or two of the ubiquitous German soldier, officer, Navy captain who appeared so often (and died so often) in the series
- Manfred Lating

Manfred Lating
Wildest Raid of All

Socrates Ballis
The Wild Goose Raid

Another face seen in a number of guises - usually Arabic - was Socrates Ballis.  His characters often met a sad ending.

Socrates Ballis
The Decoy Raid


This fellow appeared a number of times but never had a line.
Trial by Fire Raid

Here he is peering over a shoulder
Two if By Sea Raid


Made up and silently waiting on a desk behind Dietrich
The One That Got Away


See the many guests who appeared on the Rat Patrol

First Season Guests

(please be patient with the time it takes to load the many images)

Second Season Guests


See more images from the show. 
Check out the Rat Patrol Episode Guide by Suncompass.


And how about the first two Rat Patrol directors?

John Peyser

For a sneak peek at John Peyser, director of many first season episodes, take a look atThe Fatal Chase Raid.  He pulled an 'Alfred Hitchcock' number and put himself into a small role in that episode.  He played the part of the American G.I. driving the truck full of escaping POWs and he spoke briefly with Troy.  


Steve Franken and Lee Katzin
Spain - 1966

Lee H. Katzin, director of seven first season episodes of The Rat Patrol, was a good friend of Steve Franken (Ned Cunningham, the 'Gunrunner' from The Gunrunner Raid episode).  Together they had considerable input into the writing of The Gunrunner Raid episode.





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