First Season Guests to The Rat Patrol

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Chase of Fire Raid
 - Larry Ward, Janine Gray

Life Against Death Raid 
 - Ed Asner, Christa Linder, Albert Paulsen


The Wildest Raid of All - Wolfgang Preiss

Kill or Be Killed Raid - Milton Selzer

The Chain of Death Raid - Jo Van Gestel

The Do or Die Raid - Warren Stevens

The Blind Man's Bluff Raid
 - Salome Jens, James Philbrook


The Fatal Chase Raid
 - John Clark & Richard Rust, Gavin McLeod


The Blow Sky-High Raid - Hamilton Camp

The Moment of Truce Raid - Marc Lawrence

The Deadly Double Raid
 - John Doucette, Robert Palmer


The Gunrunner Raid
 - Steve Franken, Fay Spain


The Lighthouse Raid - Emile Genest,Monique Lemaire


The Daredevil Rescue Raid - Norman Wooland

for an interesting sideline related to Moffitt's father see here

The Last Harbor Raid I, II, III - Harry Landers, Will Kuluva, Stanley Adams, Claudine Longet, John Anderson



The One That Got Away Raid
 - Jack Colvin (with ? & Alan Bergmann)

The Two For One Raid
- Mark DeVries & Karl Swenson

The Last Chance Raid  - Michael Evans

The B Negative Raid - Fabian

The Exhibit 'A' Raid
- Robert F. Simon, Robert Knapp


    The Holy War Raid
- Abraham Sofaer, Richard Angarola


The Two Against Time Raid

The Wild Goose Raid 
- William Bryant, Martin Milner


The Bring 'Em Back Alive Raid
 - William Schallert

Take Me To Your Leader Raid
 - Richard Mulligan, Vincent Gardenia


Double or Nothing Raid
 - Barry Ford, Ben Wright


The Hour Glass Raid
- Carol Booth & Austin Willis

The Mask-A-Raid
 - William Jordan, Rick Traeger & Than Wyen, Ulla Stromstedt


The Fire and Brimstone Raid - Michael Pate

The Delilah Raid - Lisabeth Hush & Wesley Addy

Second Season Guests


Some guests were well known as singers of the day.

First Season

The B-Negative Raid

Claudine Longet
The Last Harbor Raid

Second Season

Gale Garnett
Trial by Fire Raid

Jack Jones
The Do Re Mi Raid

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Second Season Guests

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