Here is Moffitt in the Daredevil Rescue Raid with his unnamed father (The unfortunate man has no name. The credits list him simply as 'Moffitt's father').   The actor performing that role is more fortunate and has a name.  It is, as you already know, Norman Wooland.



There was another English actor of the day who might have portrayed Moffitt's father - the REAL father of the actor who played Moffitt himself (Gary Raymond).


Pictured here, with Moffitt, is Robert (Bob E.) Raymond as he was attired and wigged in a 1974 episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus (as the First Duke in the Golden Age of Ballooning sketch).

Naturally, had he been acting in Rat Patrol one supposes the wardrobe department would have given him an costume just a bit less obvious to the Germans than the above one would have been.  

Perhaps something more like this (see right). ----->

Here is Robert Raymond, as he appeared as a British military advisor in the Light Entertainment War sketch of Monty Python's Flying Circus.  Dressed like that he would have fit right in with the Rat Patrol.

A handsome distinguished gentleman - just like his son.

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