An  'Interview' with a Director of 


Turn back the pages 38 years - to the summer of 1966 - Spain.

War in the desert!  The Rat Patrol!

John J.H. Peyser

Director of 10 first season episodes

The Wildest Raid of All   

The Chain of Death Raid  

Do or Die Raid

The Fatal Chase Raid

The Moment of Truce Raid 

The Lighthouse Raid 

The Daredevil  Rescue Raid

The Last Harbor  Raid (three parts that became core for Massacre Harbor - The Rat Patrol movie)


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John Peyser's personal recollections of filming in Spain.

(Special bonus!  Sylvia Peyser gives a glimpse of life in Almeria Spain for the families of the cast and crew of The Rat Patrol.)


Meet the director of the formative first season RAT PATROL episodes.  Take a peek behind the scenes.   Read a director's look back at the actors, the crew, the conditions, and the 'politics' for a series we love to this day.


Twenty-four pages of 'interview'


A sample of the many questions:

How did you become involved in THE RAT PATROL?

What was it like filming in desert conditons?

Did the actors have some say in defining the characters?

Looking back at RAT PATROL, what are your impressions of the series now?

Do you recall if the 'humanizing' of Dietrich was specifically due to the efforts of Hans Gudegast and if so, was it a hard fought battle on his part?

Did the principal actors do most of their own stunt work?

Were the various ruins used, actual ruins, or were they constructed as needed?

Do you have any particular memories of this [Moment of Truce] episode?

Where did the idea for a three-parter come from [Last Harbour Raid]?

Did you have any sense that the mass firing was coming?

Do you wish to comment on the reason why RAT PATROL only had two seasons before it was shut down?


A note from the 'interviewer' for this publication.  

John Peyser died in August of 2002.  A man with a long and rich life in the field of television and film directing and who gave us many examples of his fine work.  To those who love The Rat Patrol, John Peyser did more than direct the first episodes of the series.  He molded the characters and series into something that has stood the test of time and which we continue to cherish to this day. 

A fine director and a truly fine gentleman.


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