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For those of us without the impressive linguistic skills of Moffitt or Dietrich, here are a few translations of German segments from four episodes. (many thanks to Eka R. and Jan W. for taking the time to sit through some Rat Patrol episodes and translating and sharing what was spoken in German.)


B-Negative Raid

Episode Mission Briefing
Sergeant Moffitt is seriously wounded and in order to find a suitable blood donor for him, Troy and Hitch sneak into Dietrich's camp.  While they are there they create a little explosive diversion that draws Dietrich out from his tent to have a few 'words' in German with Mueller, one of his men. Poor Mueller.

Mueller!  Komm hier!  Was ist passiert?
(Mueller, come here! What happened?)

Ich habe nichts gesehen, Herr Hauptmann. Ich weiss nicht! 
(I didn't see anything, Captain.  I don't know!)

Fahren sie sofort vom Feuer weg!  EILUNG!
(Get the truck away from the fire!)
[EILUNG, it has been suggested, is a slang term, loosely meaning "SCRAM!" 
It could well be, for after Dietrich shouted this, Mueller did, indeed, scram!]

Dietrich (to another soldier):
Suchen Sie das Lager! 
(Search the compound!)

Jawohl, Herr Hauptmann! 
(yes, Captain!)


Violent Truce Raid

Episode Mission briefing:
Dietrich has captured Sergeant Moffitt and is determined to locate the Allied convoy of critical medical supplies (including some contaminated plasma). Moffitt refuses to give Dietrich the convoy's location but Dietrich intends to find it all the same. He gives orders to his men.

Dietrich (giving an order to one of his men):
Stellen sie sofort ein Suchkommando zusammen.
(Get a search unit together.)

Episode Mission briefing continued:
Dietrich finds the Allied medical convoy, takes the whole shipment of medical supplies and 'gives' up his prisoner (Sergeant Moffitt) to a British officer.  He soon finds both he and Sergeant Moffitt are in serious trouble.  Sergeant Troy arrives at Dietrich's camp under a flag of truce to ask for a favour - a favour that will help both Dietrich and Moffitt.  Dietrich agrees to go with Troy and he leaves instructions with his men - naturally in German.

Dietrich (to his Corporal)
Warten Sie hier! 
(Wait here!)

(yes, sir!)

Unteroffizier Schmidt--uebernehmen Sie mein Kommando.  Ich bin sofort zurueck! 
(Corporal Schmidt--take over my command!  I'll be right back!)


Two Against Time Raid

Episode Mission briefing:
Sergeants Troy and Moffitt snap a photograph of a rather large and important map in Dietrich's office, and then escape with the camera and film.  Dietrich is understandably upset and he explains as such, in German, to an associate on the telephone.

Hauptmann Dietrich hier.  Wir sind soeben ueberfallen worden. 
(We were broken into.)  

Ja, genau das!  Eben ist die Karte fotografiert worden.
(Yes! Exactly that!  Even the map was photographed!)

 Ich sagte, soeben ist die Karte fotografiert worden, 
(I said, even the map was photographed,) 

dadurch sind sie jetzt bestens informiert ueber die Lage des Munitionsdepots
[translator:  the gist of this is:]
(now they're going to know exactly where to find the munitions depot.) 

Geben sie den Bericht sofort weiter.
(Pass the report along immediately)


The Holy Man Raid

Episode Mission briefing:
Dietrich has kidnapped an Arab holy man but of course the Rat Patrol has found him.  As they are about to flee with the holy man, Sergeant Moffitt, pretending to be one of Dietrich's men, radios Dietrich in an attempt to send Dietrich on a goose chase and thereby ease their escape. 




Hauptmann Dietrich! 
(Captain Dietrich!)


Hauptmann Dietrich hier. 
(Captain Dietrich here.)




 Hauptmann Dietrich, hier ist Lt. Rautmann. 
(Hauptmann Dietrich, this is Lt. Rautmann)

Sprechen Sie etwas lauter, Herr Rautmann, ich kann sie nicht verstehen.
(Speak a bit louder, Mr. Rautman, I can't understand you.)

 Die Gefangenen sind geflohen!  
(The prisoners have escaped!)


 Sie weiss das sie auf dem Weg zum Radachen sind in westliche Richtung.
(They know that you're on the way in the Radachen [a type of vehicle] in a western direction.)

So sind sie in oestliche Richtung gegangen. 
(So, they've gone in an eastern direction)

(smiling, because he KNOWS who is speaking):
 Ich danke ihnen fuer die information, Rautmann. 
(I thank you for the information, Rautmann.)

Wir werden versuchen sie abzuschneiden in oeslicher Richtung. 
(We'll search for them to cut them off in an eastern direction.)


Then, after they have hung up, Dietrich says in English, "His German isn't quite as good as my English."

* At this point in the conversation, something Moffitt has said has made Dietrich believe that it isn't one of his own men who is speaking to him.  The translator of these segments (a native German speaker) does not know what Moffitt said to give the game away and needless to say, neither does Suncompass.


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