Rat Patrol Trivia Quiz Plus Mission
- the much easier multiple choice version
(thanks to Barbo for watching the episodes with such dedication and for coming up with virtually all the questions and all the 'right' answers. Thanks also to her for sharing the quiz with Suncompass.)

Dietrich is looking very pleased. And for good reason.

He's finally caught all four of the Rat Patrol and is holding them at a secret location with his ever ready sidekick Manfred. 

The Rat Patrol's CO has an urgent mission just for you -

Rescue the Rat Patrol!

If you can answer the questions below, then Dietrich will release the Rat Patrol foursome again to the desert.  The lads are counting on you to get them back into the thick of things even though it will surely make Dietrich grumpy (and without a doubt he will shout at Manfred).

If you are ready for your 'interrogation', let us begin. 

1.  Who did Moffitt replace on the Rat Patrol team?


a. Cotter

b. Rettig

 c. Monique

2.  Who is the Rat Patrol's CO?


a.  Colonel Quint

b. Captain Boggs

 c. Colonel Bogey

3. What was the title of the pilot episode?


a.  Chase of Fire Raid

b. Chase of Flames Raid

 c.  Chase the Rat Patrol Raid

4. What does Hitch use to camouflage a bomb in The Wildest Raid of All?


a.  water bottle

b. puts it inside handy Mr. Megaphone

 c.  a bit of camo netting and a touch of lace

5. What battalion do the Rats belong to as given on the Rat Patrol collector cards?


a.  111th armor Reconn. B.N.

b. Junior Rat Men, 4th Battalion

 c. British 8th Army, Long Range Retro Battalion

6. What group do the Rats belong to in the series?


a. Desert Rangers Patrol

b. The Four Good-looking Guys Group

 c. Long Range Desert Patrol attached to HQ 2nd Corps.

7. Complete this Moffitt quotation - "Meteorology, sand conditions..."


a. ...and the art of tea making.

b. ...and the ecological structure of the nomadic tribes

c. ...odds & ends

d....and obscure North African dialects.

8. Complete this Troy quotation - "If you have to moan..."


a. ...do it softly.

b. ...do it in German.

c. ...I'll give you something to really moan about.

How are you doing with the questions?

Dietrich still looks pretty confident you won't be able to free the patrol.  Tully is worried Dietrich might be right.

9. Who played the German doctor in the Life Against Death Raid?


a. Ed Asner

b. Lou Grant

c. Austin Willis

10. What does Hitch's tattoo say?


a. Fort Dix

b. Fort Benning

c. Camp Minihaha

11. What year was on Hitch's tattoo?


a. 1942

b. 1943

c. 1934

12. What is Hitch's stated expertise?


a. driving getaway vehicles

b. ordnance

c. wooing and winning women

d. advanced archery

13. What is Troy's favourite drink?


a. beer with salt

b. adam's ale

c. whiskey straight up

d. anything but tea

14. How many total kills did Tully get during the series?


a. 72

b. how ever many a bazooka can take out

c. 103

15. What did Tully chase as a child when he got loose from his mammy's apron strings?


a. a butterfly

b. a chicken

c. the neighbour's daughter

16. What was the name of Troy's nurse in Blind Man's Bluff Raid?


a. Pam

b. Laverne (or was it Shirley?)

c. Pat

You're doing well.  You are almost half way through the questions.

 Moffitt looks confident in your abilities to free them.  Dietrich is beginning to look a little worried you might succeed.

17. What was Tully's stated expertise? (on the Rat Patrol cards)


a. marksmanship

b. being taciturn

c. bazooka firing

18. What country does Troy's hat represent?


a. New Zealand

b. Australia

c. Tasmania

19. Complete this Moffitt quotation - "The desert is like a lady..."


a. ...she uses mud packs

b. ...she's hotter than hades

c.  ...she puts on a new face every day

20. Complete this Tully quotation - "I can fix his mouth a lot sooner..."


a. ...than I can fix this jeep.

b. ...than I can make moonshine.

c. ...if you hand me that monkey wrench.

21. What unit was Moffitt with before joining the Rat Patrol?


a. Royal Tank Corps

b. Scots Greys

c. Military anthropology unit

22. How many kills did Moffitt get?


a. 39

b. three more than the number of times he got roughed up.

c. 102

23. How many kills did Troy get?


a. 146

b. 43

c. eleven more than the number of times he fired his weapon.

Troy looks sure you will set them free and Dietrich isn't looking very happy.

24. What motor company made the jeeps the Patrol used?


a. Bavarian Motor Works

b. Ford

c. Willys

25. What's Dietrich's first name?


a. Johannes

b. Hans

c. Marlene

26. How many kills did Hitch get?


a. 77

b. 29

c. seventeen fewer than the number of girls he eyed.

27. What was the name of Troy's girlfriend in the pilot episode?


a. Victoria Miller

b. Elizabeth Windsor

 c. Victoria Moore

28. For extra points that won't really matter.  What was her nickname?


a. Fins

b. Queenie

c. Vixen

29. What rank did Troy's girlfriend in the pilot episode have?


a. Sergeant

b. Lieutenant

c. Captain

Hitch looks pleased with you. Dietrich looks a little miffed.

30. Who was Moffitt's and Tully's contact in The Deadly Double Raid?


a. Elmo

b. Craig

c. Gregg

31. Who played Sergeant Archie Gribs?


a. Sam McCloud

b. Murray Slaughter

c. Gavin McLeod

32. In what episode were Dietrich and Troy trapped in a cave?


a. Moffitt blows 'em up Raid.

b. The Buried Ammo Raid.

c. Two Against Time Raid.

33. How many kills did Dietrich get?


a. 0

b. 2

c. More than Moffitt but fewer than Troy

d. one for every time Manfred got killed

34. What's a ghibli (Khibli) and what's in it?


a. a drink of weak tea with a spot of milk.

b. a drink made of whiskey, lime, rum

c. a wind storm in the desert with dust in its eye

Your Rat Patrol knowledge is phenomenal! Dietrich is beginning to look upset that again the Rat Patrol may slip from his grasp ...

and Manfred is looking decidedly worried.

35. Complete this Dietrich quote - "It is ridiculous to create a second front on ..."


a. ...the guidance of a quartz crystal.

b. ...the propaganda ministry's say so.

c. ...such a small battlefield as this.

36. Complete this Hitch quote - "Sarge,that German convoy doesn't come for 45 minutes.  You can't spend 45 minutes to..."


a. ...dig that guy out?

b. ...show me how you can change a lightbulb?

c. ...find Troy?

You did it! You've freed the Rat Patrol.

Look out, Dietrich, the Rat Patrol are on the loose again.  

(And don't they look pleased!)

Run, Manfred!

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