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Sergeant Troy:  Christopher George
Captain Dietrich:  Hans Gudegast(who doesn't appear in this episode)
Sergeant Moffitt:  Gary Raymond
Hitchcock:  Larry Casey
Andy:  Mac McLaughlin

Guest Stars

Jean-Claude:  Clive Clerk
Monique:  Danielle Roter
SS Major:  Todd Martin
Lt. Hoffman: Paul Prokop
Francoise: Alain Patrick
girl: Nira Barab

Produced by Jon Epstein
Directed by  Frank Baur
Written by Peter Allan Fields
Running time:  about 24 minutes. 
Rated about PG-14 (for mature subject matter)




by Suncompass*









"Looks like we've got the wrong kind of company coming."
- Hitch

The scene opens with Hitch, using Troy's field glasses, doing watch duty.  He sees something!

[SC:  It's a good thing he has those binoculars so he can spot those German vehicles approaching in time for the others to bolt their lunches.  Doesn't Hitch get lunch? What are they eating anyway?  Moffitt sips water, unless that's gin in his canteen.  It looks like Troy has a cookie (hardtack?).]

Hitch calls to Troy to come see what he's spotted. Troy dumps his cookie onto the jeep hood and races up to Hitch.  Sure enough, Hitch is right.  There's something there all right. Good Hitch. The Jerries are coming right at them.  "Mount up!" because Jerries are on their way.

[SC: Nice that they gave Troy a new line to say.  We now know action is about to happen even though it won't be on horseback.]

Hitch grabs Troy's leftover cookie from the jeep hood before he slides under the wheel.  He tosses it loose into the back of the jeep.

[SC Can you imagine that anyone plans to eat it later after it has been rolling about in whatever is rattling about in there and stepped on by Troy for a while? Hitch could have left the cookie on the hood if that was all he was going to do with it.  The desert creatures would have enjoyed nibbling on it.]

They are off on the attack!  The jeeps do the usual - zooming in and out around the two enemy vehicles, dodging bullets and throwing grenades and shooting wildly. But this time the Germans seem to be unusually difficult to quell for some reason.

[SC: Way more than difficult than usual.  Usually they jump out in to the open in clumps all ready to be mowed down by the Rat Patrol. Maybe Dietrich, who doesn't appear in this episode, has taken over the training course on how not to get shot by the Rat Patrol.  He usually didn't get shot by them even though his men drop like flies to their bullets all the time.  Hmm...maybe Dietrich was NOT  in charge of that course this time.]

"They're kids.  Nothing but kids."
- Troy

To make matters worse, suddenly something happens to Hitch's jeep and it stops dead.  Troy and Hitch leap to the ground to fire at the enemy and the viewers might be forgiven for worrying that this might be their last stand.  But just then over the hill the cavalry arrives!!....no...not the cavalry...the partisans... on foot.  They fire their weapons with admirable accuracy and quickly dispatch all but one of the Germans.  They just wound him.





"Bir Akromba will not be an SS base camp for very much longer, Sergeant."

Moffitt and Andy (no Tully in this episode) pull up beside Hitch and Troy as the partisans approach in triumph.  It dawns on the Rats that the partisans are on the young side.  This causes some furrowed brows.  Should HQ let kids - just kids (said with a sigh) - in on top security plans about the ‘big offensive'?  Gnashing of teeth.

[SC: Don't shatter a molar, lads!]

The senior rats' worry about the youthfulness of the partisans is tempered as soon as they hear that the kids are quite prepared to kill the one wounded German prisoner they've captured in the skirmish. But the kids don't, deciding instead that they can dig (literally) information from him about the nearby German SS camp.

The partisans key players are introduced.  One, a young man, Jean Claude, and the other a young woman, Monique.  She is a tough as nails liberated (to a point) woman.  Opinionated and outspoken too.  It is announced that the ‘children' plan to demolish the nearby SS camp soon. Moffitt muses about how impossible that would be without heavy weapons and a trained combat unit.  Troy agrees, but what can they do?  Raiding a heavily fortified fort is not in his mission description for the day.

Hitch has evidently repaired whatever was wrong with their jeep and they all pile into the jeeps and the partisan's vehicle. Monique rides with Moffitt and Andy, while Jean Claude rides with Troy.  Naturally Moffitt hands Monique into the passenger seat, but Jean Claude gets to stand in the back of the other jeep while lucky Troy gets the passenger seat.

[SC:  As Troy might say...and later does, "Rank has its privileges."  Which doesn't explain why Moffitt let Monique have the nice seat in his jeep.  Monique isn't quite so liberated all of a sudden. But if she is unhappy about being given the nice passenger seat, she evidently doesn't say so. Did anyone mention she's prickly?]





They all drive to the partisan headquarters (located in a few handy caves).  Troy, despite his misgivings, follows orders.  He tells Jean-Claude all about the ‘big offensive'.

[SC: I wonder what the ‘big offensive' is all about, but sadly we do not find out.  We just know that it will happen on the 21st, which isn't too helpful.]

Meanwhile, in another cave, Moffitt is literally digging about in the German prisoner's shoulder sans anaesthetic (ouch!) trying to save him from blood poisoning.  Noble Moffitt.


"Speak, murderer! Speak!"


"What is the matter with you?!  If you behave like this you are no better than the SS yourselves!"

We very quickly discern that Troy is luckier than Moffitt (rank has its privileges?) because he gets to deal with Jean-Claude.  Moffitt gets to deal with Monique (that will teach him to be gentlemanly and give her the nice jeep seat) and she's not being in the least ladylike in her attacks on the wounded prisoner.  Could be she's pms or having a bad day but in any case, she isn't exhibiting even an ounce of sympathy for the wounded man.

[SC: Did anyone mention that she's prickly?][Ed: As a matter of fact, yes!.]

Moffitt finally gets prickly too and loses his temper and grabs her arms, snapping that the partisans are no better than the SS themselves.

[SC: Monique would probably make even Tully ‘lose it'. Maybe that's why he opted out of this particular mission.]


Troy, no doubt hearing the raised voices from the other cave, hurries in, complete with hat in hand.  He snaps at Moffitt as if he's barking at a bad dog. Moffitt hardly cowers though and asks for anaesthetic for the prisoner. 

Jean-Claude reluctantly orders it supplied even though he is undermining his own authority.  He doesn't help his own case by declaring that he has decided not to make the raid on the SS camp.  He's beginning to sound like Troy's lap dog.  At least in Monique's eyes he is, and she wants Jean-Claude to be HER lap dog again.  She's peeved, to say the least, and it's her job to be contrary to anyone and everyone so she's running true to form.  She says some rather nasty things about Jean-Claude because he does not have her blood lust.

"It is time we no longer fight a private war."

Moffitt fixes up the wounded prisoner and then joins the others in the dining room.  They look to be chowing down on wine and rolls and soup (or maybe headgear that is strewn across the table). Too bad Moffitt decides to make a few observations about Monique and Jean-Claude because that delay means he doesn't get to eat anything.  It seems that Monique challenging Jean Claude's authority in front of the others wasn't good for the boy's ego.

[SC: Now, that's a surprise!][Ed: Sarcasm does not become you SC.]

As a result, Moffitt reports, Jean-Claude gathered his shredded dignity about him and announced that the raid on the SS camp was back on.  Troy's appetite wanes abruptly with that information and he slams a hand on the table in his irritation.  (don't spill the wine, Troy)  Why the mega angst?  Because Jean-Claude knows all the big offensive secrets and might get caught by the SS and spill it all to them. Aha. But Troy has a plan to stop that danger and he orders his men to "slop it up!"

[SC: ‘Slop it up'?  Boy that sure makes me want to go and find some grub.  So appetizing sounding.  Anyone got any slop?]





"And what if he's captured?  He knows everything there is to know about this whole operation."
- Troy

Moffitt hasn't had a chance to slop anything - not food, drink or hat - and with stomach rumbling, he  puts the cork back into the wine bottle.  Too bad that one of the partisan girls, hovering nearby, understands English and  hears all. 

Troy tries to talk Monique and Jean-Claude out of their crazy plan to attack the SS camp but it is to no avail. They are as tough as Monique's nails.  The partisans have anticipated Troy's plan to stop them and have taken steps.  The Raid is on.  The Rats are not.

The four members of the Rat Patrol are being held prisoner in the hospital cave with the wounded German who is doing much much better now that Moffitt has taken out the bullet.  But not so well that he's going to tell them about the special top secret defences all around the SS fort. 

At long last the partisans are back from their raid to the SS camp but there isn't a happy face in the rather small bunch.  Jean-Claude and most of the others were captured - not dead, but alive.  Troy's worst nightmare.  There is only one thing to do.  The Rat Patrol to the rescue.

[SC: Troy should have known that even though it wasn't in his job description for this mission, that they'd end up raiding the dang SS camp. If it was there, the rats would inevitably attack it.]

But how to get into the SS fort?  It's got magical defences.  The wounded prisoner won't tell them a thing and quotes the Geneva convention at them until Troy threatens to leave him to the tender mercies of the partisans.  This threat blanches the prisoner and he immediately begins to talk.

[SC: The thought of being locked up with Monique was enough to break a battle-hardened soldier. She is scarey.]




"When the SS finishes with him, he'll talk...unless we can do something"
- Troy




"They are not human, these wretched children."
- Lt. Hoffman


"They're what you made them, Lieutenant."
- Troy

Meanwhile, Jean-Claude is inside the SS fort denying that he has any contact with the Allied forces about anything of any significance. Something about his answers smells like a rat and the SS doc prepares what looks to be a frightfully dull syringe with a special drug - no doubt the oft-employed TV ‘truth serum'.

With a machine that will record all onto a record (long playing vinyl format) the SS officer begins to interrogate his prisoner.  And the prisoner, pumped full of drug, and with a microphone handy, is soon talking.

The Rat Patrol sneak inside the defence perimeter (we aren't shown how they find and destroy the defensive wiring though) while Jean-Claude gives away secrets.

Great actions scenes of shooting and falling from great heights happens as the patrol breaks into the fort to free the prisoners and find Jean-Claude, still drugged and groggy.  Troy makes a magnificent job of smashing up the long playing vinyl format record while Hitch helps a wobbly Jean-Claude out to the jeep.

Much damage is done to the German equipment by the partisans before they rush away triumphant (taking a Kubelwagen that looks just like Dietrich's).  More Germans hurry out into the open in clumps to be mowed down.

[SC: Whoever it is in charge of their defensive training is not doing a good job.]


Of course the partisans and patrol all make it safely back to the partisans' camp where Jean-Claude makes a noble offer to resign his position as head partisan because he made a mistake.  But Troy says that he shouldn't resign. A good leader admits his mistakes, says Troy.

[SC: There are times when Troy should curb his instinct to make magnificent statements.]

"A good leader admits his mistakes."
- Troy



But Jean-Claude then pointedly asks Troy if it was not militarily dangerous for Troy to risk capture by going on a mission into the SS camp too?  There's a twinkle in Jean-Claude's eye, and definitely in Hitch's and Moffitt's too as they prod an uncomfortable Troy to answer the man's question.

[SC: Interesting that they now refer to Jean-Claude as a man.  No longer a ‘kid'.]

"Answer the man, Sarge."
- Hitch

Troy's answer to the man?  "Rank has its privileges."

[SC: Didn't I tell you he was going to say that?]

"Well, uh...rank has its privileges."

 The patrol pile into their one jeep and, without a look back, ride off into the dusty desert.



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*disclaimer:  With each airing of the Rat Patrol series it seemed a different editor took scissors to  the episodes to make room for ever more commercials.   Suncompass acknowledges that the version of any one episode that she has seen, and reviewed here, may not be identical to the one you may have seen.

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