Navigating through the deserts of North Africa
with The Rat Patrol

    When Tom Gries, the creator of the 1960s TV series The Rat Patrol, set free his fictional characters to roam the North African deserts of the second world war, he must have hoped that they would follow the steady guidance of a sun compass and find their way to the place and time in which he'd placed them. 

     That their adventures and conflicts were, and still are, entertaining  there is no doubt, but that the Rat Patrol always successfully navigated to the real period and place, is decidedly less sure.  


     There were times in The Rat Patrol's two year television journey when the patrol foundered figuratively into sinking sand---times when one wonders if any attempt was made to keep them on a true course through the minefields of real history and geography. 

    But historical and geographical gaffs aside. what matters at Suncompass is that the show offers the inquisitive a chance to  discover the real world through the fictional world of The Rat Patrol .

    Suncompass invites you on a journey into the real world through the fictional world of
The Rat Patrol .

Use the sun compass below to navigate to discoveries
-both treasures and bombs- under the desert sands of The Rat Patrol.
[Be warned that there are episode 'spoilers' in some content]

Nuts and Bolts
(dropped from Rat Patrol vehicles)


Dating the Rats
(finding the Rats in time)

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Expert Quiz (hard)

Multiple Choice Quiz (easier)

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The Rat Patrol
Episode Guides
(a work in progress)

The Rat Patrol meets
the French connection
French translation page

German 101
All those German lines translated.

Military Vehicles
the real and The Rat Patrol real

Bullets, Bolts, Bombs
and Bare Hands
your basic Rat Patrol weaponry

An interview with
Larry Casey
(Pvt. Hitchcock)

Nit-picker's Bunkers

Quartermaster Store
(Rattie odds and ends)

Current weather in real Rat Patrol land (North Africa)

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After 6 great years, epublication DUNES - A Rat Patrol Field Guide is NO longer available.

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First Season
See here for a review of the series and first season DVD set. The reviewer knows the series well, and it shows.

The Rat Patrol on DVD

The complete series in one set is now available !
By all accounts it's a great view.

Second Season

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The Rat Patrol - For two glorious years in the late 1960s a series appeared on North American TV screens with a unique perspective on the second world war desert campaign.  The featured patrol of two jeeps and four men, very loosely based on the highly effective Long Range Desert Group of the British army and Popsky's Private Army, battled weekly on TV against the German and Italian armies in the desert lands of North Africa.  This was The Rat Patrol.  Considerable familiarity with the Rat Patrol series and its characters are recommended for greatest understanding of the material in this website.  For complete background on The Rat Patrol, check out the definitive Rat Patrol website at


Please be advised that the author of this website is not an historian or expert in any military field, and although attempt has been made to present accurate material, some may be open to interpretation. Before using any information presented on this site, one is advised to do his/her own research to authenticate it - just to be on the safe side. This site is meant to be a fun way to explore history and geography and the Rat Patrol. Constructive suggestions, questions, and corrections are welcome []. This site is a work in progress.


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Nuts and

Quartermaster Store

Rat Patrol Expert Quiz 

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 Rat Patrol Episode Guides

Dating the Rats

Military Vehicles

Bullets, Bolts, Bombs and Bare Hands


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