Moffitt Missions MM Cover

(paperback cover shown above; hardcover is plain dark green with gold lettering on the spine)


A Rat Patrol zine
(editor: Carol Burrell; managing editor: Libby Ginn)

240 pp, 6x9

November 2005" We've found a few more copies of the HARDCOVER
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Calculated Risk by Con Featherby
The Rat Patrol race back to Allied territory, knowing the desert and the enemy may stop them before they can get a seriously wounded Moffitt to safety.
In Paw-Paw's Attic by Cynthia K. Taylor & Judith B. Wolford
A young woman on the edge of going out into the world gets a glimpse back into her father's past. (see excerpt)
Haiku by Judith B. Wolford
Destiny To Guide by SarahAnne Corlett
(see excerpt)
Except My Life by SarahAnne Corlett
After being captured by Dietrich, Moffitt discovers that his father is even more in demand by the Germans than he is.
Dark Betrayal by Con Featherby with art by Lynette Posey
A recurring nightmare comes true when Moffitt is kidnapped and then must use all his desert skills to try to save his own life and that of his captor. Can Troy and the others find him before the enemy does and he is pressed to take his own life?
The Visions Lost and Found Raid by Cynthia K. Taylor & Judith B. Wolford
Dietrich loses a prisoner but finds some unexpected insight into the man his enemy is.
The More Things in Heaven and Earth Raid by Cynthia K. Taylor & Judith B. Wolford
The week before Christmas in the North African desert brings little in the way of holiday spirit to the members of the Rat Patrol -- they are assigned a mission to kill an old friend turned traitor.
The Eyes of Bastet by Jan Ilott & Rhonda Overbeck
A mysterious encounter at an ancient Egyptian temple may be a warning from the past -- or the hallucinations of a fever dream -- and the safety of the patrol hangs in the balance.
In the Clear by Con Featherby
Looming stormclouds lead the Rat Patrol into a situation where a spy in their midst and a vengeful German both have their sights set on killing Moffitt. A follow-up to the episode The Mask-A-Raid.
From Destiny To Guide by SarahAnne Corlett:

     Moffitt squinted as the door, directly across the room from him, opened. A young woman entered, shutting it behind her. She didn't take any notice of him as she walked across the room to stir the pot, as though he were as inanimate and commonplace as the bed or the table. Perhaps she often had Englishmen chained to her wall, he mused grimly. He noticed she was wearing his ascot, tied around her neck like a scarf. She turned around and realised he was watching her. When she spoke, she addressed him in English, but with a heavy French accent.
      "Welcome back to the war," she told him by way of greeting, and it struck him as rather an odd thing to say. "I was beginning to worry that you would not wake up."
      "I appreciate your concern," he said painfully. His throat was dry and his voice a little scratchy. "Would you mind unchaining my hands?"
      "I cannot, I'm sorry. And I would be very grateful, Sergeant Moffitt, if you would simply cooperate."
      Somehow he doubted he could comply, but he didn't want to provoke her just yet. "How do you know my name?" he asked noncommittally.
      She pulled a shiny chain with two small metal discs suspended from it out of her pocket and dangled it in the air. "I read it from your dogtags," she informed him, then stuffed them back in her pocket.
      He looked at her curiously. "Keeping them, are you?"
      "You won't be needing them where you're going," she said matter-of-factly.
      He raised an eyebrow.
      "In the morning I am taking you to the Germans, to trade you for my brother."

From In Paw-Paw's Attic by Cynthia K. Taylor & Judith B. Wolford:

      Into her lap from out of the tome fell a fragile piece of paper--an empty envelope bearing foreign-looking stamps and markings. She picked it up and marveled at the lightweight translucence of the air-mail stationary. It bore stamps from England and a postmark from 1942 and was hand-addressed to a "Sgt. Jack Moffitt" at an APO box in North Africa. At one time it had been much folded, crumpled and dog-eared, but from the amount of time it had been kept safely in the book, it felt flat and crisp in her hands....

Still accepting submissions for MMII

deadline May 1 2003

Fiction must focus on Moffitt and/or provide special insight into him as a character (even if he himself doesn't appear) and may be set before, during, or after the war; we'll also consider stories about Moffitt's father and family, and will consider AUs (Alternate Universe), romance, and just about any other genre. The editors are not squeamish about "controversial" topics, but please keep the cactus and other plants in, or at least nearby.*
Nonfiction can cover anything related to North African history, culture, language, anthropology; the North African campaign; desert exploration and survival skills, meteorology, odds and ends; or anything else likely to be found on the Moffitt family coffee table.
Art and Illustrations are welcome!

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* an expression from Elfquest fandom, where artfully draped greenery obscures nudity or explicit scenes; used as a catchphrase in roundrobin fanfic to allow a scene to "fade to black." Fanfic and art without the plants is no-details-barred, NC-17, and "gen or slash" is irrelevant (timid beware -- you were warned). In the desert, plants translate to... well, you get the picture. Or, rather, you don't get the picture.